Reflections on Black History Month: Connecting Past, Present, and Future

Laura Marti – February 27, 2024 In reflecting on what Black History Month means to me, I realized that, unfortunately, Black History Month was never part of my education. I went through school in the 70s and college in the 80s, but everything I know about Black history I have learned in the past decade. It was not taught to me

Black History Month:  Celebrating the American Ideal

Tracey McKee   •  February 20, 2024  I am white, I am 53 years old, and for a good deal of my life, I thought of Black History Month as set aside for the Black Community. It never occurred to me that creating the month was a determined undertaking to fill in tremendous gaps in our country’s historical narrative – a

Beyond the Noise: A White Male’s Perspective on Black History Month

Dan Berry  •  February 13, 2024 “Black History Month.” As I sat here and reflected on that title, I began to wonder why there is so much controversy around efforts to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Black individuals throughout our history. Was it Black history itself? Was it the word “month?” What is it that has continually ignited some level

My Favorite Black History Month Lesson

Lucretia Berry  •  February 6, 2024  I teach an Antiracism 101 elective for high school students. The elective is meticulously designed to enhance students’ capacity to comprehend racism in its institutional and structural dimensions. The course intentionally departs from traditional narratives centered on personal biases, and delves into a comprehensive analysis of racism’s historical, cultural, and systemic underpinnings including the

Hues of You PLAYshop

Ever wondered how to navigate essential conversations about phenotype, race, culture, and ethnicity with children, fostering understanding and belonging without feeling overwhelmed? Discover the answer in Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry’s Hues of You PLAYshop, where she unveils practical strategies using the Hues of You activity book, the Hues of You Framework, and three essential practices to ignite curiosity, foster comprehension,

How a Cultural Assessment Revealed My Capacity to Grow

by Ted Goins • January 30, 2024 When I became president of Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC) in 2010, I was determined to use my position to make a difference. LSC started much of its modern diversity efforts with action, not just words.  In 2001, LSC leased-to-purchase an old, for-profit nursing home in the heavily African-American area of east Winston-Salem. Lutheran

NPR’s Throughline: My Favorite Resource for Learning On-The-Go

Photo credit for feature image: Q&A With Hosts of NPR’s “Throughline” Laura Marti – January 23, 2024 Embarking on a journey of understanding race and racism requires a commitment to learning, unlearning, and embracing diverse perspectives. In this pursuit, Brownicity encourages exploring various resources that foster a deeper comprehension of our shared history. Every day I read, listen to, or watch

The Must-Have Game In My Educator/Caregiver Toolkit

Lucretia Berry  •  January 18, 2024 Imagine your favorite childhood board games sprinkled with eye-opening lessons about bias and inequity. In June of 2018, I flew from Charlotte, NC to NYC to spend a whole day training to become a Senior Consultant Facilitator for The American Dream Game. You are probably wondering why anyone would need official training to facilitate

The Right Choice for Anyone: Enduring Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Tania Romanova   •  January 14, 2023  The Power of Nonviolent Protest Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister turned social activist, stands as a monumental figure in American history. His commitment to nonviolent resistance and his unwavering belief in the inherent equality of all human beings forever altered the landscape of the Civil Rights movement and left an indelible mark

“The plant of freedom has grown only a bud and not yet a flower.” An MLK Day Reflection

Lucretia Berry  •  Jan 12, 2024 (original version first published by, Jan 17, 2022) Recently, I was listening to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1967 speech addressed to members of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and titled, Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? The title sounds ripe for today, doesn’t it? In the speech, Dr. King continues

Essential Resources for Building Race & Racism Awareness

Tracey McKee   •  January 09, 2024  Happy New Year!  I hope this post finds you well and excited about the possibilities this upcoming year might hold! As I was reviewing past posts I had written to prepare for writing this year’s posts, I came across a great resource that I have used that I wanted to share with you.  There

Nurturing Curiosity & Belonging with b.Kids ‘Let’s Learn About’ 5-Lesson Course

Brownicity •  December 28 2023  Caregivers, teachers, and advocates of children,Welcome to the educational adventure tailored for preschool and elementary-aged children, Brownicity’s bkids “Let’s Learn About” 5-Lesson Course. Curated with love by Brownicity moms, educators, and artists, this course is more than just lessons; it’s a journey to foster belonging, understanding, and connection in children. Family Feedback My two-year-old son,

‘Tis the Season for Hope

Fia Cronin •  December 23 2023 It’s that time of year, ‘tis the season…whether you celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, or maybe you celebrate Pumpkin Spice Lattes…the season also comes with a wide array of emotions that each of us bring to the table.  We might have experienced loss and are left with endless grieving, anger lingering from

Become a Certificate Instructor, Learn how to use Education as an Invitation for Transformation

Lucretia Berry  •  December 18, 2023  In 2020, I was asked to design a certification program to support those inspired to help their communities and organizations take their first steps toward racial healing using the What LIES Between Us and Foundations curricula specifically designed for ‘starters.’ The request was a cry for help from people who had experienced the well-intentioned,

Unlocking the Power of Play, Curiosity, and Interactive Learning to Nurture Racial Literacy and Intercultural Competency in Children

Lucretia Berry  •  December 12 2023  How do we practically nurture cultural competence and racial literacy, enabling open and developmentally-appropriate conversations about phenotype, race, culture, ethnicity, etc. that are essential for shaping positive attitudes, reducing biases, and fostering belonging in children without overwhelming them or us? Research shows that the children are ready.  But how do we create the conditions

Curated for Joyful Learning: Meet the bKids Toolbox, A Holiday Gift Guide for Sparking Curiosity and Engagement

Lucretia Berry  •   December 5, 2023 Curated by Brownicity moms, educators, and artists to support natural curiosity, spark exploration, and inspire engagement, the bKids Toolbox is a great holiday gift for the whole family. Its content supports hours of engaging learning through read alongs, books, coloring pages, activities, and life-giving conversations. The bKids toolbox includes: A 5-lesson course* designed

What Competing Narratives Taught me about Native Nations

Laura Marti – November 30, 2023 During a recent appointment with my long-time hair stylist Amy, our casual conversation steered toward a trip I took to Washington DC with my husband. While he was tied up in work meetings, I had the opportunity to explore several museums along the National Mall. They were all very eye-opening in some way. Intrigued, my

Why Giving Tuesday?

Shifting the focus from consumerism to the joy of giving! Brownicity  •   November 26, 2023 Giving Tuesday is a compelling initiative that turned into a sort of tradition to shift the holiday season’s focus from consumerism to the joy of giving. Since its inception, this annual event has evolved into a global movement, inspiring millions to contribute, volunteer their time, and

Creating Thanksgiving Memories: Family-Friendly Lessons for the Holiday Season!

Tiffany Robinson   •  November 14, 2023  As the Thanksgiving season approaches, families everywhere are gearing up for warmth, gratitude, and togetherness. I’m Tiffany Robinson, and I’m thrilled to share some delightful Thanksgiving lessons that you and your kids can enjoy right in the comfort of your home. Lesson 1: Thanksgiving and Family Traditions Kickstart your Thanksgiving journey by exploring the

Implicit Bias: The Invisible Influence on our Decision-Making

Tracey McKee   •  November 14, 2023  Biases are part of human nature, a way our brain works to sort and navigate the world.  On a very basic level, they are our preference for a person or thing over another person or thing, like preferring pop music to country music or city life to rural life. Biases develop early in our

Getting White Supremacy Out into the Light

Dan Berry  •  November 7, 2023 Have you ever had someone tell you something and your first thought was, “That’s not true!”  It’s probably because you didn’t like what you heard, so you just chose to not believe it. We also have this issue with terminology.  We are living in a time where, if we don’t like the true meaning of

The Impact of “The Nerve!”

Brownicity  •  November 06, 2023 In 2020, Brownicity first launched our webinar course THE NERVE! – CONNECTING THE BRAIN & RACISM. This was in the depth of the pandemic and not long after the murder of George Floyd, when there was a global uprising against racism. It’s been a minute, but the webinar is just as important today, if not

The Joy of Anti-Race/ism

Lucretia Berry  •  October 31, 2023  “You should say what you are for, not what you are against!” he said, forcing his unsolicited advice regarding my use of the word, ‘anti-racism.’  I respected his desire to help, but thought to myself, ‘I am FOR anti-racism.’  But I get it. Over the last few years, the word ‘anti-racism,’ like ‘woke’ has

Exploring Ethnicity and Family Heritage

Laura Marti – October 26, 2023 This past summer, I traveled to Akron, Ohio, my hometown, for a family wedding. During our time there, my aunt brought out several boxes of old family photos. We were all excited to look through and reminisce, seeing old friends of my parents while they were teenagers, my grandparents when they were first married, and

Celebrating one year of “Teaching for Justice & Belonging”

Lucretia Berry  •  October 20, 2023  One year ago, “Teaching for Justice & Belonging: A Journey for Educators & Parents” was released, and is helping us celebrate by offering you huge savings on your audiobook! They’ve created a 75% discount just for you! The promotion starts today and will be available until 11/10/23. Read Washington state National Board Certified

Raising Our Youth as Leaders for Today

Autumn Swain   •  October 17, 2023  Take your glasses off for a minute. No, not your actual glasses. I mean those “insular lobe” glasses. This part of the brain is responsible for your perception of your environment. These “lenses” are how you specifically view the world, how you experience your neighborhood, your beliefs, and how you choose to raise your

Diversity: Why It Matters

Tracey McKee   •  October 10, 2023  The concept of diversity, or appreciating the things that make us different and unique, emerged from the Civil Rights Movement. Our country is a nation of both indigenous people and immigrants from all over the world. According to the last Census, it is estimated that more than 45 million people, or 13% of our total

Answering Your Questions about Anti-Racism Education

Troublemaker Training Special Event Followup Lucretia Berry  •  October 6, 2023  Did you participate in the Red, Wine & Blue Troublemaker Training? Didn’t the students do a great job sharing about how the Anti-Racism 101 high school elective impacted them? If you missed it, watch the recording: I wish I had more time to answer everyone’s questions! I sincerely appreciate your

Let Freedom Read – A Resource for Banned Books Week!

Brownicity  •  October 5, 2023 Did you know that October 1-7, 2023 is Banned Books Week? This annual event serves as a powerful reminder of the vital importance of free expression and the right to access diverse perspectives. In a time when our country grapples with numerous efforts to ban books, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the significance

The Unseen Harm of Microaggressions

Committing to Awareness, Change, and Inclusivity Dan Berry  •  October 3, 2023 Have you ever had a conversation with someone that frustrated you because you didn’t feel like you were on the same page? Those conversations produce nothing but angst. They never lead to any kind of understanding or resolution. They never strengthen a relationship. Most conversations about race fall into

Be part of the change at the 2023 Color of Education Summit!

Lucretia Berry  •  October 2, 2023  Get ready for an inspiring event that’s all about shaping the future of education in North Carolina! The 2023 Color of Education Summit is just around the corner, and it’s brought to you by an incredible partnership including the Dudley Flood Center for Educational Equity & Opportunity, the Public School Forum of North Carolina,

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Activism: Channeling Feelings for a Powerful Mission

Lucretia Berry  •  September 2023  Be honest. You’ve been doing the work, and it’s hard, right? The emotional, spiritual, and physical labor takes a toll on you. Well, we see you and Dr. Zinobia Bennefield has created a course specifically for you!  The Mindful Anti-Racist is designed to center the feelings of those engaged in anti-racism work, acknowledge that those feelings are important (no

Anti-Racist Education: Why Extremists Fear It and We All Need It

Troublemaker Training Special Event Lucretia Berry  •  September 28 2023  I have been invited by the organization, Red, Wine & Blue to be a speaker for their Troublemaker Training series. I will share on what anti-racist education and my anti-racism high school elective actually entail. Students who have taken Anti-Racism 101, the course I designed and have taught since 2018, will participate

How to put an end to ‘reverse racism’ and other common misconceptions

Lucretia Berry  •  September 26, 2023  “I enrolled in this course because its title, ‘What is Race/ism?’ made me question my understanding of racism,” explained the high school student.  “I walked into the class confident that I knew what racism was. But as the class unfolded throughout the school year, I realized that I knew so little, actually close to

My Day in Court

A Window into the Criminal Justice System Laura Marti – September 19, 2023 “Justice is never actually experienced directly. By contrast, we do experience injustice, and it is only through this that we form an idea of justice.”  — Nancy Fraser, Professor of Philosophy & Politics at the New School for Social Research I recently had the opportunity to gain insight

Embracing Our Shared Histories – The Relevance of Your Past and Mine

by Sara Chinakwe   •  September 12, 2023  In elementary school, the only thing I learned about Black history was condensed into a chapter of our history book which highlighted the enslavement of my ancestors. I didn’t know how to verbalize my feelings when it came to learning about slavery, but I knew I felt…shame, sadness, misunderstood, and singled out.

Children Books

36 Children’s Books That Build Racial Literacy Without the Overwhelm

Lucretia Carter Berry, PhD  •  June, 2023  Do you find it challenging to discuss the important topic of race/ism with kids? Do you wish there was a comprehensive and impactful way to approach this subject without overwhelming children or ourselves? Addressing race/ism and other social schisms with children from an early age is crucial for promoting a more inclusive and equitable

Healing Requires More Than a Band-aid

Afrika Afeni Mills •   August 29, 2023 What comes to mind for you when you think of healing? For me, I immediately think of wounds, and when I think of wounds, I think about the many I experienced as a child while playing outside. One incident comes to mind in particular.  When I was around five years old, I was playing

When I Hear ‘White Privilege’

Tracey McKee  • August 22, 2023 The first time I heard the term white privilege, I remember thinking that it didn’t apply to me. My reaction was not unique; as you have probably seen, the media has covered a lot of stories about the backlash to terms like white privilege and oppression. Almost as if a default setting had kicked in, when

Get Out of Judgment and Into Curiosity

Dan Berry  •  August 15, 2023  Having a productive conversation with anyone about any subject will only happen if you have a basic understanding of the terminology that is included in said subject.   Here at Brownicity we have identified 43 different terms and their definitions that will help us all get on the same page when it comes to race related