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What LIES Between Us Journal & Guide: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing

$8.40 Kindle | $10.00 paperback

American Blindspot

$25.50 Kindle | $74.10 Handcover |
$27.00 paperback

Navigating Diversity: In Our Most Segregated Hour

$5.24 Kindle | $9.99 Handcover

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Together, let’s get comfortable learning about race/ism. We offer anti-racism education through our courses and events.

What LIES Between Us

A 5-Module Self-paced Anti-racism Educational Course



Our 'starter' course offers you an analytical framework for examining race and racism in the United States. You will be equipped with a historical, political and social context for understanding race/ism and how it is sustained.


b.kids: Let's Learn About

Designed to support instruction for preschool and elementary aged children, the course helps develop positive, inclusive language and a framework, while building connection.


b.kids: Let's Learn About Skin Tone

A Lesson (from the 'Lets's Learn About' course)

B.kids toolbox + 5 lessons

Brownicity’s b.kids Toolbox + 5 lesson course, 'Let’s Learn About'

B.kids toolbox + 1 lesson

Brownicity’s b.kids Toolbox + 1 lesson course, 'Let’s Learn About Skin Tone'