Hues of You PLAYshop

Ever wondered how to navigate essential conversations about phenotype, race, culture, and ethnicity with children, fostering understanding and belonging without feeling overwhelmed?

Discover the answer in Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry’s Hues of You PLAYshop, where she unveils practical strategies using the Hues of You activity book, the Hues of You Framework, and three essential practices to ignite curiosity, foster comprehension, and build connections that transcend boundaries.

About the Hues of You PLAYshop

How do we practically nurture cultural competency and racial literacy, enabling open and developmentally-appropriate conversations about phenotype, race, culture, ethnicity, etc. that are essential for shaping positive attitudes, reducing biases, and fostering belonging in children without overwhelming them or us?

Creative curriculum designer and author, Dr. Lucretia Berry offers the engaging  Hues of You PLAYshop, a transformative experience designed to nurture cultural competency and racial literacy in children. This dynamic workshop allows children to explore, understand, and celebrate our multi–hued world in a fun and educational environment while providing educators, caregivers, and advocates with practical tools and strategies to facilitate open, developmentally-appropriate conversations about phenotype, race, culture, and ethnicity.

Crafted with a deep understanding of how children (and adults) learn best, the Hues of You activity book aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the Hues of You Framework. The activity book and framework foster a child’s natural inclination to ask questions and explore new ideas. Essential tools designed to lay the foundation for developing cultural competency and racial literacy in children, they help make the learning process a joyous and engaging journey.

Invite Dr. Berry into your classroom to help shape positive attitudes, reduce biases, and foster a sense of belonging in every child. Together, let’s create learning spaces that embrace belonging and lay the foundation for a brighter, more harmonious future.

Sponsor a PLAYshop

GREAT NEWS! Your company or organization can sponsor a Hues of You PLAYshop for an under-resourced classroom. Sponsorship includes

  • Up to 1 hour of learning fun with Dr. Berry
  • 25 copies of Hues of You activity book
  • 25 boxes of Hues of You crayons

About Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry

Lucretia Carter Berry, PhD, is a distinguished author, educator, and speaker, as well as the visionary founder of Brownicity, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering education designed to inspire a culture of true belonging and justice for all.  A former college professor, her research, experience, and accomplishments intersect curriculum and instruction, multicultural education, and instructional technology. A wife in an interracial marriage and mom of three multiethnic children, she brings personal and professional experience to serve the public sector. Lucretia is also a valued contributor to, sharing her insights and wisdom on topics of faith, resilience, and personal growth. Through her books, Teaching for Justice and Belonging – A Journey for Educators and Parents (2022), Hues of You – An Activity Book for Learning About the Skin You Are In (2022), and What LIES Between Us – Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing (2016), her impactful TED Talk, and her commitment to building just communities, Lucretia encourages meaningful engagement that transcends boundaries, fostering personal development, resilience, and the transformative capacity within each of us.

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