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How to talk to your kids about skin tone and race.

Thank you for listening to 3 in 30 Podcast‘s episode 101: Why & How to Talk to Your Kids about Skin Tone & Race!

Welcome to Brownicity – Many Hues, One Humanity! I am Lucretia Berry. I get to work with my husband, our three children, and a team of other families and professionals to create learning-centered experiences for moms like you. As you know, race/ism is something we all know about, but few are actually educated on. Instead of having access to sound, designed instruction, most have been given the Four False Starts.*

1. The “Colorblind” Approach.

Often times and with the best intentions, we default to this approach believing that we will end racism by pretending not to notice skin color or talk about race/ism. “I don’t see color,” or “I am colorblind” is often used to assert and assure “I am not racist.”

2. Selectively Skewed History.

Although the United States of America has always had the privilege of being a multi-ethnic nation, the traditional USA history education exclusively centers on European and western conquests, colonization, and contributions.

3. Human Interest Stories.

Racially incited personal experiences and catastrophic events headlining the news are often shared with no racial historical context. Such representation misconstrues race/ism as a single event, instead of the everyday, ongoing, ideological-driven system that it is.

4. Political Platforms.

Political platforms are intrinsically divisive, and unfortunately have shaped popular discourse around race/ism. So unknowingly, when many of us think we are addressing race/ism, we are actually arguing and projecting a political platform.*

We know that if you haven’t had the opportunity to take a course offering you an analytical framework for examining race and racism in the United States, then attending a one-time guest-speaker talk, or sitting in a circle to ‘talk about race/ism’ with strangers who may know less and have more fear than you do is insufficient. And honestly, these methods can cause more damage. As a learner, you deserve more!…much much more!!!

That’s why we have prepared a table just for you! Join us! You’ll get education, encouragement, and community! FREE membership gives you access to our Resource Library where we showcase our favorite helpful resources (some of which I mention in the podcast). PAID membership (only $10/month) lets you enroll in our Foundations course, gives you access to our team and all the wonderful content we have prepared for you, and allows you to support our efforts.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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* Four False Starts. from What LIES Between Us Journal & Guide: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing by Dr. Lucretia Berry. This journey guide was designed to lead the ‘beginner’ through an enlightening and introspective first steps of race/ism analysis and healing. It can be used to support a group or individual’s study. The study references supplemental resources listed at

What lies between us course