We’re Rooting for You!

We are Rooting for You

You deserve a space and a community cultivated to nurture your growth. And we’ve created that just for you. Grab your CHARTER MEMBER spot today!

We LOVE supporting our friends who want to learn how to contribute to racial healing and deconstructing race/ism. And, we know that the best way to help is on an ongoing basis, month after month.

So, we’ve created a membership site that does exactly that.  JOIN NOW!…because our Foundations course begins on Monday, 9/16!

About The Membership

Brownicity membership is an elevated opportunity to get in-depth courses, sessions, and workshops; access to our leadership and the resources we’ve been building; and play a role in contributing to our community content.

In 3 simple stages, we guide you through fundamental understanding to practicing transformative change in your spheres of influence

  1. Consciousness – We offer a ‘Foundations’ course to establish a strong foundation. (Starts 9/16)
  2. Courageous – Then we move to modeling implementation strategies through interviews, Q&A’s, workshops, book studies, guest speakers, etc.
  3. Creative – Cultivate community with like-informed members!

Who should join?

Anyone whose heart is yearning to do the work and wants to learn how to do it well.

To focus on serving our members, enrollment is limited and CLOSES after Friday, 9/13. Enrollment will not be available again until the Spring.