Take Time to Reflect, Rethink, and Reach

Take Time to Reflect, Rethink, and Reach

Your Antiracism Education Journey

Dan Berry – November 18, 2021

Hey Friends,

In our curriculum, What Lies Between Us we are all expected to do a little homework. As information is shared, as knowledge comes, and I like to say truth is revealed, it can be unsettling. When our world has settled into our limited understanding of things and new information is given, it can shake things up.

Every week we are challenged to reflect, rethink, and reach about the things we have learned during the course. This exercise can change your life. It is something most have laid down. It’s easier to go through the motions with little use of the 3 “R’s.”

Reflecting, thinking about, considering is a good thing. It can lead to questions. Those questions can lead you into rethink about what is going on in your life and around you.

Rethinking can lead you into a search for the truth, the answers that we wish we had. Jesus said if we knock it will be opened, if we seek we will find. Doing this will lead us all to answers, and it is in those answers that we will find the courage to REACH for or make the changes need in our lives and the communtities in which we live.

Don’t allow this world and it’s chaos to overwhelm you. Take time to learn — and in your learning begin to Reflect, Rethink, & Reach.

Dan Berry is the author of Navigating Diversity In Our Most Segregated Hour, a Certified Instructor for the What LIES Between Us and What Does It Mean to Be White courses, and advises individuals and organizations on how to take first steps toward racial healing.

He has pastored for forty years in Iowa.  After pastoring in predominantly white spaces for several years, he began to realize the need to bring about racial healing in the body of Christ. For the last 30 years he has worked to bridge ethnic and cultural divides, a work that has led him into confronting the churches complicity in upholding systems of racism.

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