by Lucretia Carter Berry

They walked with Jesus witnessing him perform many miracles. Out of all the amazing things that the disciples could have asked Jesus to teach them to do, the only thing they requested was to be taught how to pray? Why? Weren’t they entrenched in a culture full of daily prayers–great prayers that they inherited from their forefathers?

Like Jesus’ disciples, I had questions about prayer, too. I used to be really insecure, unsure and clueless about prayer until I understood this one thing:

God offers us His version of creation. All we have to do is want it.

In this talk on prayer, I unpack this idea — how understanding this has allowed me to grow secure and confident in prayer.  I address what the disciples’ request was really about and how their question should be our question: “Lord, teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples.” 

Watch and share.