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As an educator, I am so encouraged by our online learning community. Repairing ourselves and communities from race/ism requires continued learning, equipping, and encouragement. ‘Doing the hard work of love‘ can be overwhelming and depleting. You need more than a one-time talk or a charged discussion of opinions. Through our online learning community, we offer you what you deserve –  liberating education, hope-filled encouragement, and life-giving community. 

Have you seen our 2020 Spring semester listing of seminars, talks, and more?

I am excited about each one of them! They are excellent tools for helping you grow into practices that manifest change.

anti racism talks

Artist and mom, Tiffany Trudewind hosts a series of ART talks with friends and educators from various backgrounds about how anti-race/ism education informs everyday practices and experiences. ART is like a podcast, but with video! I’ve watched Tiffany grow from teaching colorblind ideology to her four white kids to equipping them to be conscious culture shifters among their peers. Tiffany has experienced some valleys on her learning journey, but has persistently used her pain as opportunities to embrace growth. Through ART, she shares the ups and downs of her journey. Episode 1. Living the Legacy – MLK Day is available NOW! 

Raising anti racist kids

Beginning Feb 10th, Rebekah Gienapp, will offer a 3-part Q&A series on her book, Want to have better conversations with white kids about race?. I’ve admired Rebekah’s work for a long time and am looking forward to engaging in dialogue with you and her as we walk through her book.

trauma and resilience
Our nation is shackled to the wounds of unresolved trauma. We’ve been hyper-racialized and dehumanized. I had been searching for someone who could help equip us to break the trauma cycle and lean into our resilience. Beginning March 4th, Rev. LeDayne McLeese Polaski,Executive Director for Mecklenburg’s Metropolitan Interfaith Network, will use a trauma model to help us understand and address race/ism in the U.S. Trauma & Resilience is a 4-part seminar.become a member

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