Let’s Get ColorFull!!

Our eight year old daughter and I (Lucretia) had the privilege of joining Latasha Morrison (Be The Bridge to Racial Unity) to interview Dorena Williamson, author of ColorFull.

ColorFull is a children’s book that takes a life-giving approach to talking about skin tone and race! ColorFull encourages us to acknowledge and celebrate the many hues of humanity instead of adhering to the colorblind approach, which robs us of language, a framework and power to talk about skin tone and race-related issues that impact us deeply and daily.

Did you miss the interview? Check it out on the Brownicity fb page! In the interview, Williamson shares her inspiration for writing the book, what she hopes readers will gain, and activities for children that compliment the book. Add this empowering resource to your home, classroom and kid’s ministry libraries, and let’s get COLORFULL!

 Connect with Dorena Williamson and Be The Bridge to Racial Unity.