Let Gratitude Launch You into 2022

Let Gratitude Launch You into 2022

Micaila-Ayorinde Milbourn-Thomas – December 30, 2021

When I was a kid, in Sunday school, I was taught that “God wants you to show that you love him by praising him and expressing your gratitude‚Ķ for EVERYthing!”  

At the time, I thought, “How arrogant —  to create stuff and then create people to tell you how great you are for creating all that stuff.

But it turns out that like everything, gratitude is a vibration. Gratitude has a certain frequency. And when we generate that frequency, we are more in alignment with the Creator. My loves, ENERGY is real!  And the energy of gratitude is a high frequency that is a match for LOVE and manifestation. We emit a vibrational frequency according to our E-motion or our energy in motion. That frequency affects everything it comes into contact with. Everything we touch is affected by that frequency and reflects back appropriately in response.

As humans, we are literally the grounding force, like an antenna, emitting the frequency of our dominant E-motion.  That is the energy fueling the ship and guiding its course. Our vessel, our body temple, is that ship. And we can learn how to guide it on a course that is harmonious to our well-being.  Our emotions, whether we consider them positive or negative, guide us.

Wize Womyn's group lead by Micaila-Ayorinde
Wize Womyn’s group lead by Micaila-Ayorinde

When we feel blocked, it’s an opportunity to get that blockage cleared out so we can resonate in and anchor our clearest truth. Each one of us is a unique inter-dimensional geometric expression of life. There is not another like us in all the Omni verse. As I/you/we anchor the truth of our expression, I/you/we create waves that affect and impact the people and things we come into contact with.  In fact, our energy has influence on the course of the past (HIStory) and the future. But the only thing we have control over is how we feel in the present moment. That is why they say that the present is a gift — it is gifted to us for when we express gratitude, we amplify our unique presence out into the world.  

Gratitude can get overlooked — especially if we are a natural caregiver like a mother, a Wize Womyn who gives so freely for the benefit of others,  and yet, maybe doesn’t take time to receive or even give to herself. Because, even though we may be functioning as caregivers, we may not be conscious of the energy we are holding while we are preparing food, doing the dishes, attending those less able. For example, we might be cooking while holding anger or resentment. 

But becoming conscious of how we’re feeling in a given moment is the first step to choosing how we want to feel and imbuing our activities with that energy.  And yet we cannot give something that we ourselves do not yet possess. The first step toward giving  to others is inner attainment.

And so today, I invite you to take a look in the mirror. I invite you to see yourself newly and express gratitude for what you see reflected there. I invite you to please give a few moments to yourself, now.  Practice of this loving moment to yourself will ripple out into your daily life. Therefore, be consciously in gratitude while doing the most mundane of things.  Literally slow your breathing, put your hand on your heart and think of something you love. Feel that feeling as fully as possible. Magnify it. And hold onto that energy while doing that task. Imbue the task with gratitude and watch the MoBetta World unfold.

Micaila Ayorinde Milbourn Thomas

Micaila-Ayorinde Milbourn-Thomas is a voice over and performing artist helping to set the tone for Higher Truth empowering and inspiring humanity toward harmonious living here on this earth.