I’m Glad God’s Not Colorblind

 by Xochitl Dixon •   March 7, 2022

I turned to my husband and smiled when we walked into the sanctuary of our new church. As a first-generation Mexican American married to an African American, and a mother of two sons, I’d been praying for a diverse church family. We lived in another town, but for three months we returned and met blended families, mixed couples, people from diverse cultures, immigrants, and even Spanish speakers who attended the service with a translator.

The pastor exuded the love of Christ. He didn’t avoid teaching about diversity, equity, inclusion, or racism. Rather, he pointed to what Scripture said regarding those topics. So, as I entered the sanctuary at the beginning of our fourth month as visitors, I thanked God for leading us to a multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic body of believers unified to fulfill the Great Commission — making disciples of all nations — while living out the Greatest Commandment — loving God and others!

After service, as my youngest son handed me his Sunday School craft, an older woman approached. Her smile reached her bright blue eyes. “You have such a lovely family,” she said. “I’m so glad you’ve joined us!”

“Thanks, Ms. Isabel,” I said. “We feel like we belong here.”

My son tapped my elbow, looked up at me, and raised his eyebrows. “May I go with Daddy now?”

Sweeping a loose curl from his forehead, I pointed to my stepson sitting on a bench in the lobby, a few feet from where my husband and our pastor were engaged in a conversation. “Sit with your brother,” I said. “Wait for Daddy to finish talking to Pastor.”

The woman turned to me and sighed. “I love how your family . . . how our church proves God is colorblind!”

I smiled, inhaling through my nose, and prayed silently as Ms. Isabel moved on with the conversation. I wanted to snatch my kids by the hands, storm out of that sanctuary in a silent uproar, and vent to my husband about how this church was no different from anywhere else we’d visited. As I exhaled, the Holy Spirit nudged me to speak truth in love. You’re going to need to give me the words then, Lord . . . and the tone of voice . . . and the heart of compassion . . . because everything in me wants to run for the hills! But running never brought about the change I desired in the past. So, I asked God for the courage to truly love this woman I barely knew in this church I hoped to call home.

“I need to say something,” I said. “Would you mind praying with me first?”

“Of course!” Ms. Isabel led me to a nearby pew, took my hands in hers, and led us in prayer. Then, she looked into my eyes and listened.

I explained how her comment made me feel and how saying God was colorblind minimized His intentional creativity in Creation, especially as the Maker of His diverse image-bearers. “He is the God who sees and values us, while not showing favoritism. Scripture says God intentionally designed us to be different and to work together,” I said. “Colorblindness can keep us from fully knowing God and each other, from recognizing injustice against God’s image-bearers, and from being effective as disciple-making missionaries within our communities and around the world.

“I didn’t know,” she said, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Please forgive me.”

“You were forgiven the moment you took my hands and started listening, Ms. Isabel.”

“I’m old, but I’ve still got a lot to learn,” she said.

“We can all learn from each other,” I said.

“Well, today was my turn,” she said. “I’m glad you were honest with me. And I’m glad God is not colorblind. Neither am I . . . anymore!”

For over a decade, until Jesus called her home, Ms. Isabel and I loved God and people as we served together and enjoyed the color-filled world God created!

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Xochitl (So-Cheel) Dixon serves as a contributing writer for Our Daily Bread Ministries. She is the author of Waiting for God: Trusting Daily in God’s Plan and Pace, the 2021 ECPA Christian Book Award Children’s Book finalist, Different Like Me, and What Color is God’s Love? (2023). Xochitl serves the Lord with her beautifully diverse family and her service dog, Callie. Crossing generational and cultural boundaries with faith-building messages of God’s love, she encourages readers around the world through writing, speaking, and the Worship Expressed Christian apparel and accessories she designs. She enjoys connecting with readers on social media and her blog at