Her Asian American Story Hit #1

Asian American Story

Sweet Like Jasmine by Bonnie Gray

October 21, 2021

We are celebrating! Over the weekend, Sweet Like Jasmine hit #1 for New Release in Christian Biographies! This is the only Asian American story of faith listed in the Top 100 Christian Biographies!! And with your help, it can find its wings to touch more lives and defuse anti-Asian hate!  

As a storyteller, I believe the most powerful way to stop anti-Asian hate is to share our stories. The more we understand our stories, the more we see what we share in common.

Bonnie Gray

Because of my mother’s fate, the script for my life was already written. Ah-Ma was a mail-order bride from Hong Kong married to a busboy working in Chinatown. He left me when I was seven years old. This is six month old me and eighteen year old Ah-Ma on our back porch in SF Chinatown.

Bonnie Gray

The second girl of eight kids, Ah-Ma’s mother chose her to marry a stranger ten years older to immigrate her family to the land of opportunity. She had dreams of a better life, but I had mine. So, what would you do if you found yourself in the middle of a story you never intended to choose for yourself? Believing I had my own story to write and breaking free to live it is the story I vulnerably share with you in my new book.

Sweet Like Jasmine: Finding Identity in a Culture of Loneliness is about my heart-breaking journey of faith as a Chinese American daughter as I go on a search to find my childhood home and my father in San Francisco Chinatown to uncover the family secrets I ran away from. It’s a story of how God makes beauty out of brokenness and we discover our true worth and belonging. The truth is we’re all on a journey to find belonging out of loneliness. We’re all longing to find beauty out of brokenness. This is the story of God’s love I wrote to empower you.

Dear friends, please stand with me as I share my Asian American immigrant story for the first time? If you’ve been waiting to find a tangible way to support Asian Americans in the face of all the anti-Asian hate, I hope you will choose to support this book to spread the message of hope, faith, and healing. The more we share our stories, the more our humanity unites us!

Author of Sweet Like Jasmine, Bonnie Gray
Sweet Like Jasmine by Bonnie Gray

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Sweet like Jasmine - finding identity in a culture of loneliness by Bonnie Gray