Getting to know ‘What LIES Between Us’

Williamson’s Chapel UMC and Morrow’s Chapel UMC (Mooresville, NC) are gearing up to host the next What LIES Between Us  5-week series, Sundays, September 9th through October 7th.

Childcare is sponsored!

…and the children will be fed dinner!

…and because its open to the public, you can invite friends!

What an incredible deal!


We look forward to seeing you this Sunday. But until then, we were invited to answer a few questions about the series.

  1. How did this study come to be? Why did you choose to create the series?
  2. What are your hopes for those who choose to participate in the study? What do you hope participants walk away with?
  3. I don’t consider myself racist, so why would this study be helpful to me?

We enjoyed answering these questions, but were awed by Pastor Jan’s stories. Watch.