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FREE 2023 Speech, Language and Communication Early Years Summit

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Join Dr. Tehia Starker Glass and me, and 27 other amazing speakers at the upcoming 2023 Speech, Language and Communication Early Years Summit. The Summit is free to watch all week from May 29th to June 4th. Each speaker is an expert in their field and will be sharing some of their very best tips, ideas and strategies to help you support your children and enrich your professional development.

The summit features an international line-up of expert speakers on a wide variety of Speech and Language topics. The summit is 100% online! So you can attend in the comfort of your own home, or even the bathtub! (Yes, I’ve watched summit sessions from the bathtub 🛁😌 Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!) You can watch the videos at your convenience at any time during the summit week (Monday to Sunday). You also have the chance to buy the recordings if you want (but it’s completely optional).

2023 Speech, Language and Communication Early Years Summit

Sally Haughey on “Why focus on Oral Language Skills?”

Alistair Bryce-Clegg on “The Language Development Process”

Professor Sam Wass on “Proactive or Reactive?”

Dr Lucretia Berry & Dr Tehia Glass on “Use of Language”

Molly Potter on “The Language of Emotions”

Heeral Davda on “Challenges of the Word Gap”

Dr Amanda Gummer on “Playful Communication”

Dr Claire Warden on “Talking and Thinking Floorbooks”

Nick Dux on “Transformative Communication”

Dr Inas Ismail and Omar Massoud on “The Autsera App”

Helen Robinson on “Augmentative and Alternative Communication”

Dr Joanne Cleland on “Visual Biofeedback”

Charlotte Davies on “Auditory Processing”

Sophie Hutton on “The Inclusive Environment”

Dr Kate Rowley on “Deafness”

Dr Kathryn Murray on “Brain-SET Environments”

Lukas Ritson on “Yarning Circles”

Kirsty Godfrey and Sam Sleeman-Boss on “Ofsted: Language and Communication”

Rebecca Skinner and Becky Poulter Jewson on “To be listened to is to be loved”

Dr Shelley Stravitz on “The ACERS Model”

Joanne Jones and Vicky Robinson on “Nurturing Environments Specialist Training”

Tasha Bretton on “Music, Movement and SLC”

Jennifer Ellison on “Makaton Ready”

Dr Lynn Williams on “Communication Disabilities & Health Disparities”

Monday 29th May

In our session, Use of Language, we share from our books, Teaching for Justice and Belonging – A Journey for Educators and Parents (2022), and Hues of You – An Activity Book for Learning About the Skin You Are In (2022). Watch our session for free, and discover how you can make a significant difference by altering the language you use, and the power of using healthy, affirming words with young children.

Teaching for justice and belonging
Hues of you course

If you’d like to find out more or sign up, just go to Early Years Summit.

And I’ll see you at the summit!

Summit schedule (monday 29th May)

Lucretia is a former college professor, who founded Brownicity with the purpose of making scholarly-informed, antiracism education accessible in order to inspire a culture of true belonging and justice for all. Her 2017 TED Talk,  â€˜Children will light up the world if we don’t keep them in the dark’ is well received, as well as her books and courses: