Calling all Bridge Builders!

Calling all Bridge Builders, seeing with your heart

Dan Berry – December 23, 2021

With all the intentional division being perpetuated in our world today, the Lord knows we need to find some people who will not rest until they learn how to build bridges that heal the wounds, until they find solutions!

It’s not enough to convince yourself that you are on the side of right and not do anything to heal the division that is so prevalent in our society today.

I think about how long I was convinced that because I was on the side of right, the ‘division stuff’ was other people’s problem and not mine. I was self-righteous, thinking that I had what’s important to God figured out. Self-righteousness rendered me powerless and useless to the Kingdom of God.

I share more about this on the podcast episode, “Seeing with your Heart.

seeing with your heart
Bridge Building Solutions Podcast – Episode 14: Seeing With Your Heart

Dan Berry is the author of Navigating Diversity In Our Most Segregated Hour, a Certified Instructor for the What LIES Between Us and What Does It Mean to Be White courses, and advises individuals and organizations on how to take first steps toward racial healing.

He has pastored for forty years in Iowa.  After pastoring in predominantly white spaces for several years, he began to realize the need to bring about racial healing in the body of Christ. For the last 30 years he has worked to bridge ethnic and cultural divides, a work that has led him into confronting the churches complicity in upholding systems of racism.

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