Brains and Beauty Dolls

Brains and Beauty Dolls

Niya Dorsey – January 18, 2022

My name is, Niya Dorsey, and I am a wife, a doll designer, book author as well as the mother of a little girl named Malia, and a son named Jaylin. I am also the founder of Brains and Beauty Dolls business.

At Brains and Beauty Dolls, we desire to promote education, encouragement, and also to inspire and help raise leaders of tomorrow.

Niya Dorsey

I attribute my creation of Brains and Beauty Dolls to my four year old daughter, Malia. I wanted her to have a doll that was created in her image. I also wanted a doll that would empower her and help instill self confidence in her. As a child, I never had a doll that represented me or encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Most of the dolls were not beautiful black dolls and they did not teach you anything. I wanted to give my daughter a doll that was created in her image; one she could relate to. I wanted my daughter to have a doll that would encourage her to believe in herself and endlessly chase her dreams. Every young child should celebrate themselves. Instead of feeling insecure and meek, they should live their life to the fullest — loudly and proudly! Young girls of color especially, need to feel confident and secure, and live with no hesitation or reservation. Black and biracial representation allows young girls of color to celebrate themselves. They are able to develop self-love and embrace diversity.

Brains and Beauty Dolls was created and established in New Jersey in 2017

Brains and Beauty Dolls was created and established in New Jersey in 2017. A successful business kick starter project was the beginning of great things to come for my business. A vision for how I wanted the dolls to look had to start with creating a mold for the dolls to create their features and their skin hue. Once that process was established, it became important to let people meet the beautiful dolls — Malia, Khari, and Nia — by way of social media, YouTube videos, articles, blogs, doll events and my web site. I also promoted my vision of accessories for the dolls as well as books about Black inventors and empowerment for our future leaders.

the dolls and their different skin hue

I consider my business to be different from the competition because the doll series represents three different skin hues of the vast amount of skin hues found in people of color. Not only are the dolls very beautiful, they speak twenty empowering affirmations! They also have human hair that can be heat styled as well as dread locks that are worn by the Nia doll, as opposed to the usual synthetic wigs most dolls have. The head pivots side to side and up and down, and the dolls also have beautiful authentic looking lashes.

People are always asking when the next doll coming out, or they are thanking me for creating beautiful dolls of color that represent them. They love the quality of the dolls as well as their outfits. Doll collectors and customers who have autistic children and even elderly parents, have all fallen in love with our dolls. There is nothing better than a satisfied customer. 

When you chooseBrains and Beauty Dolls, you are giving the gift that encourages young girls to set the bar high and fearlessly chase their dreams, while offering them a companion that they will love for years to come.

Niya Dorsey

Brains and Beauty Dolls will be focusing on new products and development. Stay tuned to social media for new venues for our dolls, books and accessories. Don’t forget to go to our website, for our products, information or to contact us.

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