Become a Certificate Instructor, Learn how to use Education as an Invitation for Transformation

Lucretia Berry  •  December 18, 2023 

In 2020, I was asked to design a certification program to support those inspired to help their communities and organizations take their first steps toward racial healing using the What LIES Between Us and Foundations curricula specifically designed for ‘starters.’ The request was a cry for help from people who had experienced the well-intentioned, though heavily flawed teaching practices of self-designated anti-racism ‘educators’ who were abusing content and ‘beginners’ in an effort to be tough on whiteness 🙄. Instead of inspiring transformation, these leaders were invoking trauma! 😩

Dan Berry, Brownicity’s Certified Instructor (CI) Lead shares about the upcoming CI Development course.

So that you can foster growth and transformation, instead of fear and trauma, Brownicity’s Certified Instructor (CI) Development course connects you to the art and science (i.e. the pedagogy) behind the two starter courses, What LIES Between Us and Foundations. During the CI Development course, you will

  1. meet for two consecutive Thursdays online (January 18th & 25th), live with Dan Berry and me,
  2. complete follow-up assignments, 
  3. and engage in peer dialogue and mentoring.

When you complete the course requirements, you receive 

  1. official recognition and listing as a Certified Instructor, 
  2. ongoing mentoring and coaching with Dan Berry and me,
  3. and affiliate status for Brownicity’s learning platform and content

And, included in your enrollment are

  1. monthly cohort online sessions for continued support, encouragement, and inspiration,
  2. and a membership to Brownicity’s online LEARN education platform where you get access to more helpful courses, workshops, and resources.
A screen shot from CI Cohort Monthly Support Session.

Since its inception, individuals like you have actively engaged in CI Development, hailing from diverse regions such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, New York, California, Maine, New Jersey, Iowa, Texas, and Florida. Notably, when the Presbytery of Charlotte endorsed the What LIES Between Us course for clergy, it marked a significant recognition of the CI program as a valuable resource, celebrated for providing essential support to clergy and lay leaders for utilizing education as an invitation for transformation.

Additionally, Certified Instructors in Iowa have teamed up to serve their community by partnering with the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce to offer the What LIES Between Us course to the public. The experience was featured in the Ankeny Business Journal (September 2023, pages 30-32).

Excerpt feature, Ankeny Business Journal, pages 30-31. Click here to read the article in its entirety (pages 30-32).

Hear from a few Certified Instructors

“My desire to become a WLBU facilitator was born from my daughter’s multiethnic marriage. I wanted to see and understand my son-in-law’s life experiences, and found the WLBU curriculum to be truly transformational in my own understanding of race and racism, and in my ability to love him (and others) well. My desire now is to be a part of making this course available to anyone who wants to join me on this wonderful journey. ” — Cathy Youngblood, Founding Artistic Director at Sociedad Coral de Guatemala (NC)

“What I loved most about CI training was the community of facilitators coming together to honestly share in the joys and struggles of leading in this work. This CI community is a safe place which builds perseverance and lifelong learning is always encouraged. This ongoing training continues to challenge my thought process, reveals my own biases, and places me in a creative curriculum which challenges me to grow personally.”
Fia Cronin, Certified Instructor (FL)

“Antiracism work in whatever form it takes can be lonely and discouraging as we watch the culture around us seem to be going in reverse. This work can also be wildly satisfying as we see people’s minds and lives change and we see others take their place in the work.

The CI Development sessions have been inspiring, instructive and live-giving. The sessions provide opportunities to hear what others are doing, to share what’s happening in our world. Some of us are facilitating WLBU courses, some are acting as influencers in their circles for anti racism education in schools/churches, others have created pathways for learning in their communities.

It helps me to hear that we are all still learning.  I really appreciate the guest speakers and the conversation, comradery, ideas and encouragement both given and received.

These sessions are a way to fill my tank so that I can go forward with new ideas, courage and optimism and hopefully to be encouragement to others.” — Carole Eckles-Harding, The Finishing Touchez (IA)

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Lucretia Carter Berry, PhD, is a distinguished author, educator, and speaker, as well as the visionary founder of Brownicity, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering education designed to inspire a culture of true belonging and justice for all. Lucretia is also a valued contributor to, sharing her insights and wisdom on topics of faith, resilience, and personal growth. Through her books, Teaching for Justice and Belonging – A Journey for Educators and Parents (2022), Hues of You – An Activity Book for Learning About the Skin You Are In (2022), and What LIES Between Us – Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing (2016), her impactful TED Talk, and her commitment to building just communities, Lucretia encourages meaningful engagement that transcends boundaries, fostering personal development, resilience, and the transformative capacity within each of us