A Foundational Antiracism Education Course

A Foundational Antiracism Education Course

Designed to Foster Shared Understanding

Lucretia Berry, August 15, 2021

I believe that shining a light on history can help us create a brighter future.

Once upon a time, my yearning for racial healing solely centered Black people. I longed for us to be free of racism’s legacy, to be liberated from the lies it told us about ourselves, to shine in the Son’s light amid society’s dark pronouncements over Black culture and community. 

THEN, I had the privilege of taking courses that helped me understand race/ism, the construct — it’s intentional conception, ordered infrastructure, and systemic permanence. I realized that not just American Black bodies needed healing from race/ism, but that any and every soul, community, and nation touched by this malediction desperately and urgently required care. Every part of the body needs a shared healing.

Foundations course introduction video with Curriculum Designer, Lucretia Carter Berry, PhD

We can envision shared solutions through shared problem solving. We can engage shared problem solving with a shared understanding. And to gain a shared understanding of the race/ism construct, we agree to let go of our uninformed opinions, mis- and disinformation, and ahistorical, self-centered perspectives — no matter how comforting they’ve become.

Contrary to popular mis-understanding, race/ism has not always been with us and doesn’t have to remain. Did you know that brilliant problem solvers have been offering solutions for generations? However, in order to co-labor in dismantling race/ism, we must possess a common understanding of how it was assembled. Doing so means learning ‘hidden’ history. Remember,shining a light on history helps us create a brighter future!

…shining a light on history helps us create a brighter future.

Lucretia Carter Berry

So, I designed the What LIES Between Us and Foundations courses to onboard learners to a shared understanding as we reach for a shared healing. Both courses are education-centered and designed to equip learners with a historical, political and social context for understanding race/ism and how it is sustained. Due to its spiritual content, What LIES Between Us gained popularity in churches and faith communities. However, because it does not have Bible references, Foundations is suitable for schools and corporate organizations.

Foundations has been used to onboard staff and employees, build community, and launch long term diversity, equity, belonging, and antiracism initiatives.


Foundations is pre-recorded and self-paced. All of the course materials (teaching videos, podcasts, PDFs for journaling and reflection, articles, and more) are linked within the course. 

Foundations offers you an analytical framework for examining race and racism in the United States. The content allows you to build a sound knowledge base and develop a perspective beyond popular discourse and uninformed opinions. With a practical understanding of contributing ideologies — like white supremacy, meritocracy, colorblindness — and interpersonal and systemic dynamics — like unconscious bias, and power and privilege — you will have a broadened awareness of yourselves, “others,” and our interconnected society. Foundations will strengthen you to practice transformative leadership in your spheres of influence.

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Lucretia Carter Berry
Lucretia is the creator of, an author, a contributor for (In), and a TED and Q Ideas speaker (Charlotte). As a wife, mom X 3, and former college professor, her invitation to active antiracism inspired her to professionally design learning experiences that foster a culture of true belonging and justice for all.