What is the difference between enrolling in the Learning Community membership and purchasing a course? 

When you become a paid member of our learning community, you have unlimited access to all of the membership courses and communities. 

A few courses are accessible to the public, outside of the paid membership. Paid members get 35% off the price of public courses. 

I see that you offer two ‘starter’ courses — What LIES Between Us and Foundations. What is the difference between them? 

Both courses are designed to equip you with historical, political and social context for understanding race/ism and how it is sustained.

‘Foundations’ is designed to be offered in schools, community, and corporate organizations.

‘What LIES Between Us’ is designed for church and/or Christian environments and references the Bible.

The What LIES Between Us study is offered in various formats. Which format is best for me or my group?

1. 5-Module pre-recorded virtual course (self-paced)

2. Study guide + WLBU Resources (self-paced)

3. In-person group study with Certified Instructors

Learners who are using the study guide on their own or with a Certified Instructor have free access to the WLBU Resources.

Do I need to purchase the What LIES Between Us Journal & Guide book?

Yes, each learner needs his/her/their own book. Purchase links are in the course or here. 

Can I share my course or membership login with others?

No. Each purchase is good for one login on one device per household. Our licensing guidelines state that the content is intended for the registered participant only.

How long do I have access to courses?

Access to courses are based on your purchase option: unlimited, 90-days,  or 180-days.

Who is the learning community membership designed for?

The Brownicity learning community is for you, if you desire to understand race/ism in order to create communities of true belonging and justice, want access to quality instruction, and need encouragement and support.

What if I join the learning community and it’s not for me?

You can cancel your membership at any time. 

Who is the learning community not for?

Debaters. We have a lot of learning to make up for. We prefer to use our time for growing your capacity to engage in informed, common goal-oriented practices. We will not make time for fights. 

Check-the-box-ers. Healing from race/ism and active antiracism is life-long intentional work. We are building you for long term, transformational, engagement.

I still have a few questions and would love to email you. Can I do that?

Of course. We’re here for you! Email Amy at connect@brownicity.com. We can not respond to inquiries via social media.

I’m ready to enroll. What do I do next?

Yay! Click here.  We can’t wait to welcome you into the Brownicity family!