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6 ways to access our knowledge and experience

  1. MEMBERSHIP. Join Brownicity. In 3 simple stages, we guide you through fundamental understanding to practicing transformative change in your spheres of influence
  2. PURCHASE What Lies Between Us Journal & Guide – Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing. This educational journey guide was designed to lead the ‘beginner’ through an enlightening and introspective first steps of race/ism analysis and healing. It can be used to support a group or individual’s study.
  3. LIVE ‘What LIES Between Us’ multi-session series. Through a series designed by Curriculum Specialist, Dr. Lucretia Berry, we guide, support and equip a large group of learners with an education focused on racial healing. We provide a common understanding through teaching, support personal growth through introspection, and encourage action through guided practice. The series can be customized to 5 to 8 sessions that last between 1.5 to 2 hours each.
  4. WORKSHOPS. Designed for care-givers and kids, we demonstrate FUN, engaging, and age-appropriate ways to navigate skin tone and race conversations with children.
  5. SPEAKING. We deliver dynamic, educational, and engaging, audience-appropriate presentations.
  6. COACHING. We prepare you to become a Certified Instructor (CI) for the What LIES Between Us study. CI’s meet a number of requirements to be officially distinguished and recognized by our organization to deliver our content.