BROWNICITY (pronounced like ethnicity) is dedicated to building the capacity of everyone to engage in courageous thinking, conversations and living that counter the lie, ideology and legacy of race.

Brownicity‘ is the combination of the words ‘brown‘ (we are all hues of brown) and ‘ethnicity‘ (that which we have in common).  The word embodies unity, oneness, and wholeness.

We are intentional about disrupting the divisive race narrative.


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Brown is the new GreenWhile many will easily acknowledge the need for green or sustainable living—addressing choices and systems that are detrimental to nature and the environment—people seem to be more reluctant when addressing choices and systems that are detrimental to the healing and oneness of humanity regarding race. WHY is that?

  1. The average person is unaware of the damage to ourselves and deterioration of our society we cause by living the ‘race’ lie.
  2. Most know very little about the truth of the race illusion and its consequences and so  are not prepared to govern their thoughts, conversations and actions as they relate to overcoming race.
  3. For many, race conversations are taboo. Many people lack the confidence to regularly and intentionally engage in race matters leaving it for someone else to deal with or defaulting to the popular perspective de jour.

Think of Brownicity in a similar way that you would think of green, sustainable living, except we are overcoming choices and a system that are detrimental to humanity—race/ism.



Brownicity would like to help destroy race ideology and its most predominant offspring, racism.

We know that sounds insane, but we won’t be doing it alone. With God, all things are possible. Also, you probably know a lot of people who want to collaborate on this venture as well.  So, let’s do this!…


Brownicity wants to

  1. Inspire people to invest in intentional de-racing, beginning with their minds. (We all have the ability to ‘change’ our minds.)
  2. Help empower people to confidently, regularly and intentionally approach race issues. (When we are silent about race/racism, it thrives.)
  3. Equip parents/families to talk to their children about race in a loving, peaceful, hopeful and informative way that empowers children so that they do NOT succumb to race culture. (The sooner children are empowered the more likely they are to make better decisions.)

Brownicity hopes to

  • offer a refuge from the typical dichotomous and conflict-oriented dialogue about race
  • inspire people to think and talk differently about personal identity as it relates to race
  • promote living beyond race beginning in your heart and mind
  • provide resources that encourage, equip and empower people to eliminate race and ultimately overcome the legacy of racism.
  • share ideas and ways to live in contrast with the laws and legacy of race
  • be a support for those who no longer allow race to tell them what to do!
  • celebrate CHANGE and LIBERATION from a stupid 400 year old idea.