Why ‘Teaching for Justice & Belonging’ is #1 New Release

Why ‘Teaching for Justice & Belonging’ is #1 New Release

Lucretia Berry  •   

Thank you for helping Teaching for Justice & Belonging reach

#1 New Release in Inclusive Education Methods and

#1 New Release in Parent Participation in Education. 


Here is why this is great news!

Educators, caregivers, and leaders are tasked with shifting a society with deep roots in  racial injustice to a culture brimming with justice and belonging. Cultivating a society in fairness where everyone feels ‘at home,’ is feasible. However, cultivation is a lengthy, intricate and intentional process. To meet this demand, we’ve been handed one-day workshops, DIY book study groups, or a keynote speaker which are not enough to support a sustainable developmentally appropriate growth journey. Meanwhile, amid politically divisive culture wars, the resistance against normalizing justice and belonging is suffocating teachers right out of their jobs and confusing parents.

We need a strategic, guided and supported way forward. Consider this: cultivating crops requires 

  1. tilling the soil
  2. sowing of seeds
  3. transplanting plants
  4. intercultural operations (aka weeding)
  5. manuring (yep!)
  6. plant protection
cultivating corps

Likewise, cultivating a cultural shift demands vision casting, goal setting, studying, measuring, reflecting, rethinking, strategic planning, weeding out the crap that has caused harm, and putting new practices in place to protect all children and their aspirations. In other words, we reap what we sow. We will bear the fruit of justice and belonging when we plant its seeds, commit to cultivating, and uproot its adversary (White supremacy informed practices, fear, apathy, indifference, othering).

Dr. Glass and I have been successfully cultivating for decades. As scholars, educators and mothers, we show and share how to disrupt the racism embedded in perspectives and standard educational content and practices.  As teachers, leaders, and parents, you have been tasked with a seemingly impossible endeavor. However, you are advantaged to strategically foster education that inspires a culture of true belonging, liberation, and justice for all. And you can do this with the guidance and support you deserve. In these pages, we are here for you, leading by example, cheering you on! 

cultivating corps

We use a seed-growth metaphor to reflect the sustainable growth journey you deserve.

  1. SOIL – Seek to understand how standard policies and practices influence and impact your learning environment
  2. SEED – Prepare yourself for long term growth by engaging in self-assessment and innerwork
  3. ROOTS – Build racial competency and understanding. 
  4. SPROUT  – Acknowledge and appreciate small beginnings and early growth – in your personal life and in your spheres of influence. 
  5. BUD – Create and share the vision with others, set a collective precedent, and establish direction.
  6. WEED – Uproot beliefs, practices, and policies that work against cultivating the justice and belonging we all deserve
  7. BLOOM – Begin to ask, ‘What do I do next?’ as you continue to build on what you have cultivated. Repeat the growth process.


Does your practice include a strategic and intentional growth process?


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teaching for justice and belonging

Lucretia is a wife, mom of three, and a former college professor, who founded Brownicity with the purpose of making scholarly-informed, antiracism education accessible in order to inspire a culture of true belonging and justice for all. Her 2017 TED Talk, ‘Children will light up the world if we don’t keep them in the dark’ is well received, as well as her books and courses: