Why are we so bad at talking with kids about skin tone and race?

TEDx Charlotte (October 2017)

Why are we so bad at talking with children about skin tone and race?

If we don’t keep them in the dark, children will light up the world.”

This is the revelation that inspired this talk, which I shared at TEDx Charlotte (October 2017).

I share a few real life instances where people exhibit how horrible we are as a society at talking with children about race and skin tone. We’ve even resorted to promoting blindness — ‘colorblindess’ — that is, to avoid the complexities and nuances of the conversation. I then share insights from current research and my perspective and experience on how we can do better, much much better.

Here are a few of my favorite resources to help you grow your capacity for conscious, competent, courageous and creative conversations about skin tone and race with children.

Books & media to help foster informed & healthy conversation

For Parents, Care-givers & Teachers

Younger Children

High School & Adults

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