Let Gratitude Launch You into 2022

Micaila-Ayorinde Milbourn-Thomas – December 30, 2021 When I was a kid, in Sunday school, I was taught that “God wants you to show that you love him by praising him and expressing your gratitude… for EVERYthing!”   At the time, I thought, “How arrogant —  to create stuff and then create people to tell you how great you are for creating

Calling all Bridge Builders!

Dan Berry – December 23, 2021 With all the intentional division being perpetuated in our world today, the Lord knows we need to find some people who will not rest until they learn how to build bridges that heal the wounds, until they find solutions! It’s not enough to convince yourself that you are on the side of right and

HOLY Holidays!😩

How to Embrace Wonder & Avoid Overwhelm Lucretia Berry, December 16, 2021. A version of this article was originally published at (2018). Typically, this is the time of year that I most dread. As soon as the leaves exchange glorious green for the warmth of red, yellow, orange and brown, I reluctantly peek around fall’s corner to see Christmas

A Diversity of Dolls Can Help Children Learn to Be Antiracist

Intentional Gift-Giving for the Holidays Laura Marti – December 14, 2021 ‘Tis the season for giving gifts — and if you have young kids at home, you might be considering a doll. As I was reminiscing recently with my mom about my childhood, I remembered that I had two Black dolls, among my white ones. Was I remembering that right?

Voices I Need to Hear: Langston Hughes

Tracey McKee – December 9, 2021 Over the past several months, I have been reading the works of Black authors and poets.  Part of my reading has included Langston Hughes’ poetry.  Langston Hughes (1902-1967) is a well-known figure in American literature and poetry.  Accomplished as a playwright, novelist, poet, and more, Huges was a key figure during the Harlem Renaissance,

Setting the Thanksgiving Table for Common Memory with Native Americans

Land Setting or Land Acknowledgement Erin Phelps, November 25, 2021 A common phrase when meeting another Lumbee is to ask “Who’s ya peoples?”– as a way to reinforce a bond that goes beyond federal decrees and permissions about who is Native and who is not. This question reinforces a bond known as kinship — a common practice when considering who

Conservation & Environmental Justice

How Indigenous Peoples Can Heal the Land Laura Marti – November 23, 2021 There is a growing movement to return culturally and ecologically important lands back to their original occupants—the Indigenous people and local communities who had once lived there. In many cases, this means co-management in order to include Indigenous people’s direct involvement in the stewardship of the land,

Take Time to Reflect, Rethink, and Reach

Your Antiracism Education Journey Dan Berry – November 18, 2021 Hey Friends, In our curriculum, What Lies Between Us we are all expected to do a little homework. As information is shared, as knowledge comes, and I like to say truth is revealed, it can be unsettling. When our world has settled into our limited understanding of things and new

5 Ways to Self-Nurture/Repair

An Indigenous American on How to Avoid or Recover from Social Injustice Fatigue Kimberly Owen – November 16, 2021 Stress and mental health issues are on a rise from the effects of Covid. Also, we are colliding with overwhelming exhaustion from people who are working so hard on the front lines of social injustice and systemic racism. As an American

I Am Biased

Four Ways I Address My Implicit Bias Tracey McKee – November 11, 2021 We are all biased; it is in our nature.  “A bias is a personal tendency, inclination, or prejudice toward or against something or someone” (Bias). Early in our lives, we begin to develop these inclinations, and parents, teachers, the media, Hollywood, our environments, experiences, and  the like

How the Dawes Act Devastated Native Americans

An American Story Laura Marti – November 10, 2021 Racial Injustice: The Devastation of the Dawes Act on Native Americans Native American history is American history. If you’re like me, you may know more today than you had learned in school about the genocide of Native Americans throughout US history; but how much do you know about the land displacement

Mother Ethiopia – A Beacon of Hope

Mekdes Haddis – October 28 2021 Mother Ethiopia is a phrase I grew up hearing while living in a place that to me is the most beautiful. Ethiopia is the home of 80 plus tribes and languages and truly unique as she holds a history of three thousand years. She is also a mother to one of the world’s most

#BlackInSTEM Leads the Way Out of 2020 and Into the Future

Laura Marti – October 26 2021 Feature image: The women who created #BlackBirdersWeek and the #BlackAFinSTEM collective in 2020. Source: NOVA / Illustration by Nina Chhita  Most would agree that 2020 was not a year we ever want to repeat. Between the disproportional devastation of the pandemic and the killings of unarmed Black people, it was an especially difficult year

Her Asian American Story Hit #1

Sweet Like Jasmine by Bonnie Gray We are celebrating! Over the weekend, Sweet Like Jasmine hit #1 for New Release in Christian Biographies! This is the only Asian American story of faith listed in the Top 100 Christian Biographies!! And with your help, it can find its wings to touch more lives and defuse anti-Asian hate!   As a storyteller, I believe

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Prioritizing Native Peoples Everyday Laura Marti – October 13, 2021 Feature Image:  A participant in the Miccosukee Indian Festival. Photo by Matthew Hoelscher, CC BY-SA 2.0. This week, I’ve been challenged to think in a new way about the Native experience of colonialism. I’ve been reading Dr. Willie Jennings, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Africana Studies at Yale

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Valuing a Diverse History and Humanity Laura Marti – October 5, 2021 How much do you know about Hispanic/Latino history in the U.S.? I realized I didn’t know much, so I did what I always do, which is to dig in and learn. I was surprised at what I found out. Here are just a few of the things I

A Vessel of Gospel Music

Honoring Gospel Music Heritage Month LaTishia Corley – September 28, 2021 One of the best learning experiences that I have ever had in my life was travelling and touring with one of the world’s most famous gospel singers. I was in my early twenties when I first started this journey so I was seeing the world through the eyes of


HUES OF YOU: An Activity Book for Learning About the Skin You Are In by Lucretia Carter Berry We live in a vibrant, colorful world, and though we enthusiastically teach our children the hues we find in nature and in the objects around us, we often find it difficult to teach them about the beauty of different skin tones.  Dr.

My Racial Healing Journey

Laura Marti – September 21, 2021 When I first became part of Brownicity in 2016, Lucretia Berry talked a lot about racial healing. It was the first time I’d heard the term. I’m not sure I fully understood what it meant, but I knew it was important and that developing What LIES Between Us reflected her own journey of racial

NEW Certified Instructors offer ‘first steps toward racial healing’

Dan Berry – September 16, 2021 All of us at Brownicity would like to congratulate our newest Certified Instructors for What Lies Between Us!  As we celebrate five years of the course that has given a fundamental understanding to so many, we are pleased to announce that our reach has expanded. Please welcome and congratulate our newest certified instructors: Tony

NEW Antiracism Course

What Does It Mean to be White? Laura Marti – September 13, 2021 A friend once told me, “Racism hurts all of us, not just Black people.” So when I first heard that Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte would be doing a “whiteness” course, I was excited. I’ve been on a journey to understand race and racism since the

Stereotype vs Culture : How Black Christians Worship

Worship Across the Racial Divide Dr. Gerardo Marti – September 9, 2021. In his series, Race, Religion, Politics – What We’re Not Supposed to Talk About, Dr. Marti shares scholarly resources that are helping to expand his understanding. At an outdoor café on Los Angeles’s Westside, a Caucasian worship leader and I met to talk about his congregation. We drank

September is Gospel Music Heritage Month

A History of Gospel Music Laura Marti – September 7, 2021 The history of Gospel music is a very broad topic, one that is complicated. There are different opinions about the origins of gospel music and how to define it. The dominant type of gospel is Black Gospel Music, which was traditionally believed to develop out of slavery and Negro

A Racial Healing Study Designed for ‘First Steps’ Celebrates 5yrs

by Fia Cronin – September 2, 2021 As we celebrate the What Lies Between Us (WLBU) curriculum’s 5-year anniversary, it amazes me to think that it all started in someone’s living room. At that point, the curriculum didn’t even have a name! But it was a beginning — a starting point. We all have a starting point in all things,

“Hard Times Require Furious Dancing”

Racial Healing through Dance and Song Laura Marti – September 1, 2021 This is Reverend Mia McClain. She is Associate Minister of Faith Formation at Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. Mia is the first African-American in the history of Myers Park Baptist Church to be called to serve on Senior Staff in its 78-year history (founded in 1943).

Why students enroll in Antiracism 101

Back to school with antiracism education Lucretia Berry, August 26, 2021 A few years ago, I got the opportunity to design and teach a high school elective to offer students an analytical framework for examining race and racism in the United States.  Through the course content, assignments and projects, students are equipped with a historical, political and social context for

‘The Color of Money’ Education for Antiracism in Banking

Laura Marti – August 24, 2021 Mehrsa Baradaran is the best-selling author of The Color Of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap and is currently associate dean and Professor of Law specializing in banking law at the University of California, Irvine. She has advised US senators and representatives on policy and spoken at national and international forums including

A Racial Healing, Antiracism Podcast

The Four R’s of a Racial Reckoning Dan Berry – August 19, 2021 Hey friends, As we continue our journey laying out a simple strategy for our first steps into antiracism, let’s talk about what a “Racial Reckoning” is. “Reckoning” is defined as the action or process of evaluating something. As we have struggled with the racial division we continue

Creativity Amid the Pandemic – Black and Minority Owned Businesses

Covid-19 Impact Through a Social Justice Lens Laura Marti – August 17 2021 Early in the pandemic, Black businesses were hit hardest by Covid-19. In a study published in May 2020 by Robert Fairlie from the University of California Santa Cruz, the number of Black business owners actively working fell 41% from February to April, in comparison with active white

A Foundational Antiracism Education Course

Designed to Foster Shared Understanding Lucretia Berry, August 15, 2021 I believe that shining a light on history can help us create a brighter future. Once upon a time, my yearning for racial healing solely centered Black people. I longed for us to be free of racism’s legacy, to be liberated from the lies it told us about ourselves, to

Black Women-Owned Businesses on the Rise

Diversity & Social Justice in Entrepreneurship Laura Marti – August 3, 2021 In almost every category, Women of Color are leading the women-owned business charge! According to the 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, women started almost 2,000 new businesses per day in the U.S., and women of color accounted for 9 out of 10 of those new businesses. In

What do I do about Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

To CRT or Not to CRT? Dr. Gerardo Marti – August 5, 2021 In this series, Race, Religion, Politics – What We’re Not Supposed to Talk About, Dr. Marti shares scholarly resources that are helping to expand his understanding. Critical Race Theory has now claimed far more attention in the public over the past few months than it has in

August is National Black Business Month!

Laura Marti – August 3, 2021 The idea of Black Business Month is simple: support Black-owned businesses and organizations to promote greater economic freedom for the Black community. How did National Black Business Month begin? “The observance of #Blackbusinessmonth can be traced back to 2004 when Frederick E. Jordan, an engineering entrepreneur, teamed up with John William Templeton, president and

Learning to Love Again

Steps Toward Racial Healing Ruth Youn July 30, 2021 “That…is no excuse for what you said.” Was my African American friend right? Did I really have no excuse for the ignorant words I unknowingly spoke nearly a decade ago? Having been raised in a predominantly white neighborhood and attended predominantly white schools from preschool to college, I had never been

Diversity & Belonging in Nature

Who Can and Should Have Access to the Outdoors? Laura Marti – July 28, 2021 This summer, through social media, Brownicity has been highlighting creative and innovative people who are changing the faces we see outdoors, where for a long time Black and Brown people have been underrepresented. To lay a foundation for understanding why they are underrepresented outdoors, Carolyn

A Racial Healing, Antiracism Podcast

Remembering In Order to Heal Dan Berry – July 20, 2021 Hey everyone, Can I just say how much it blesses our entire Brownicity Learning Community that you are engaged in this journey of educating yourself about race/ism. Not everyone will take the steps you are taking to become a part of the solution needed to bring healing to our

Broadening Perspectives & Seeing Ourselves

Lucretia Berry, July 13, 2021 In April, our family joined Global Glory Chasers (GGC),  a subscription experience featuring a different country and culture each month. Designed by multicultural family and travel enthusiasts, the Gilmore-Youngs, GGC offers curated educational resources and culinary experiences for families and classrooms.  Peering through the windows of books, music, food, and cultural practices helps us not

3 Resources for Understanding Race & Our American Legal System

Dr. Gerardo Marti – July 6, 2021 In this series, Race, Religion, Politics – What We’re Not Supposed to Talk About, Dr. Marti shares scholarly resources that are helping to expand his understanding. Recently, I began to think much more about the relationship of race and our American legal system. Given that most of us grow up thinking of “the

4 R’s of a Racial Reckoning – Bridge Building Solutions

Dan Berry – June 29, 2021 Hey everyone! As we all know there has to be some changes in the way we go about educating people about race/ism. More and more white people are waking up to the reality that something is horribly wrong, but that’s where we get stuck. How do we move forward?   Brownicity and their development of