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Brownicity – Many Hues, ONE Humanitythe word, the tagline, and the work — fosters space to expand our creative imaging for restoring our human family, fractured by toxic systems and narratives.

When you wear ‘Many Hues, One Humanity,’  it will inspire and welcome the dialogue that folks long for. 

Please engage in ‘the hard work of love’ by

  • actively engaging in dismantling harmful systems; not simply sporting slogans 
  • engaging in healthy dialogue (not debate) on race/ism, healing, and antiracism; not using ‘one humanity’ to silence inquiry and stunt growth work
  • living in the liberty to explicitly name and address injustice; not using ‘many hues’ as a stand-in to profess ‘colorblind’ ideology

Thank you so much for your purchase, support, and antiracism.

The B Team