Nurturing Curiosity & Belonging with b.Kids ‘Let’s Learn About’ 5-Lesson Course

Brownicity •  December 28 2023 

Caregivers, teachers, and advocates of children,
Welcome to the educational adventure tailored for preschool and elementary-aged children, Brownicity’s bkids “Let’s Learn About” 5-Lesson Course. Curated with love by Brownicity moms, educators, and artists, this course is more than just lessons; it’s a journey to foster belonging, understanding, and connection in children.

Family Feedback

My two-year-old son, Milo, enjoyed the activities and the conversations that came from it. While my son was not able to understand everything (because of his age), we were able to use the course to guide conversations about skin color, hair texture, and culture in a way that made it relevant and memorable for him. He loved painting his self-portrait, listening to the stories, and drawing a picture of his curly hair. My favorite moment of the course was the first lesson where we talked about how everyone in our family has the skin color of honey! It reminded me of how approachable the topic can be for a young kid and how important it is to start these conversations young.

Rachel Kang, author and mom of 2
Two-year-old, Milo creating his hue of brown.

We learned so much – all three of us; and even more so learned new language to use and new ways to dialogue as a family and with others. Thank you for expanding anti-racism work within our family, and our community.

With regards to the actual curriculum itself, it is perfect… I loved how you have it broken down into activities, resources, and read-aloud texts. 

Tehia and Tiffany are amazing and Nash, my 8 year old, adored both — especially Ms. Tehia. He said throughout the weeks we did the resources, “I really like Ms. Tehia, Mom.” She and Tiffany have an amazing way of talking in a way children not just understand but can relate to and want to be a part of. The books you selected — and I appreciated how you gave several options for each lesson — were fantastic and ones I will share with others. The art lessons were wonderful. I participated in them as well. I truly cannot say enough about the quality of this curriculum. It is superb and I will be in prayer that it is received well and utilized beyond what you expect.

Lauren Horton, justice advocate & mom of 2
bKids Let’s Learn About lesson with Dr. Tehia Starker Glass and artist, Tiffany R. Trudewind teaching how to use positive and affirming words to describe ourselves and others.

What’s Inside the “Let’s Learn About” Course?

Curated Brilliance

The course is a collaborative masterpiece, crafted by the insightful minds of Tehia Starker Glass, PhD, a UNCC Professor in Ed Psych & Elem Ed; Tiffany Trudewind, a talented artist; Amy Ray, the Operations Lead at Brownicity; and Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry, a distinguished Curriculum Specialist. Their diverse expertise ensures a holistic and enriching learning experience.

Designed for Curiosity 

At the core of this course is a deep understanding of how children learn. It’s curated to support natural curiosity, sparking exploration and inspiring engagement. This isn’t just education; it’s an invitation for young minds to delve into our fascinating multi-hued world.

Empowering Positive Language

The lessons go beyond the surface, helping learners develop positive, belonging language. By providing a framework for observing and describing phenotypic differences – from skin tones to hair types – the course lays the foundation for open and constructive conversations.

The Five Enlightening Lessons

1. Skin Tone: Explore the beautiful spectrum of skin tones, fostering an appreciation for the uniqueness in each individual.

2. Melanin Magic: Uncover the science behind melanin, celebrating the magic that makes us wonderfully different.

3. Affirmations: Nurture positivity and self-love through empowering affirmations, building confidence in young hearts.

4. Hair Tales: Embark on a journey to understand and appreciate the diversity of hair types, embracing the beauty in our differences.

5. Differences & Similarities: Wrap up the course by exploring both the uniqueness and shared qualities that make us a beautifully diverse community.

 Each Lesson Unfolds with

  1. Read Aloud Delight. Dive into the enchanting world of literature with recorded video Read Alouds of featured books.
  2. Hands-On Activities. Learning comes to life with engaging and age-appropriate activities that make education an adventure.
  3. Resource Enrichment. Extend the learning journey with carefully curated lists of enrichment resources, providing a deeper dive into each lesson’s theme.

How to Join the Adventure

Enroll in the “Let’s Learn About” course and embark on this enriching journey with your little ones!

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