‘FRESH TAKE’ Follow Up! Resources for Talking Race/ism with Children

Fresh take strategies for student succes

Did you attend the Fresh Take Conference last Friday?

Were you intrigued by the keynote address, If We Don’t Keep Them in the Dark, They Will Light Up The World?

Did you attend the complementary workshops, How Caregivers and Teachers Discuss Race with Children (Dr. Tehia Starker-Glass of UNCC) and Building the Capacity for Healthy Conversations about Skin Tone and Race with Children (Dr. Lucretia Berry and Jill C. Stallings)?

In case you missed any of these or you attended and wanted to review the content, we listed a few helpful resources.

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TED TalkNurture Shock Children Will Light Up the World If We Don’t Keep Them in the Dark (Lucretia Berry, TEDxCharlotte)

Nurture Shock chapter 3. Why White Parents Don’t Talk About Race

They Are Not Too Young To Talk About Race PDF Image (The Children’s Community School)

What White Children Need to Know About Race (Ali Michael & Eleonora Bartoli)

Rubbing Off (Allison Briscoe-Smith)

Racism facts for kids (Kiddle encyclopedia)

Why Are We So Bad at Talking With Kids About Skin Tone and Race: A list of helpful webinars, podcasts, and resources. (

Talking Race In the Suburbs Discussing race in classes where white students outnumber students of color? Strategize, acknowledge, and check-in (Usable Knowledge, Harvard Graduate School of Education)

It’s time to shatter the silence about race Five steps toward fostering change (Sonja Cherry-Paul, Teacher Voice)

WEB SITES Resources We Love and Recent Stories

Cooperative Children’s Book Center (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)

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Raising white kids

This spring we will be doing a group read and discussion on Jennifer Harvey‘s new book, Raising White Kids: Bringing up Children in a Racially Unjust America. We will meet at least twice face-to-face (if you are local to CLT ) and will live stream these meetings via our facebook page (for those at a distance). Then, for our third meeting, we will conduct a live facebook interview with the author, Jennifer Harvey! If you are interested in participating, subscribe to our newsletter so that you get the details when they are announced!

Subscribe on our website or FB page and be sure to follow Brownicity on facebook, IG or Twitter to stay engaged.

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fresh take strategies for student success