11 Strategies for Antiracist Conversations with White kids

11 Strategies for Antiracist Conversations with White kids

Rebekah Gienapp •  

I’m Rebekah Gienapp and I love taking adventures with my kids to help them learn about the world around them. Sometimes the adventures are hiking or exploring a museum, and sometimes the adventures are having thoughtful conversations about race. 

Rebekah Gienapp and her son.
Rebekah Gienapp and her son.

Many parents of White kids want to talk to their children about race, but aren’t sure how to do it. If that sounds like you, I’m offering a free workshop: 11 ways to have better antiracist conversations with white kids.

Date and Time:

Wednesday, September 7th

5 pm PST/6 pm MT/7 pm CST/8 pm EST

A replay will be available for those who can’t attend live.

In the workshop you’ll learn:

✏️Why it’s crucial for parents, educators, and other trusted adults to have these conversations with white children.

✏️ 11 practical strategies for initiating conversations at home or in the classroom, with preschoolers through teens.

✏️ How to avoid freezing up or delivering long lectures when kids ask tough questions about race.

✏️What to do when children make racially biased remarks.

✏️How my Nurturing Antiracist White Kids course can help you engage in antiracist learning and action with the children in your life.

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Rebekah Gienapp comes to the work of antiracism and social justice as a mother, a person of faith rooted in the Christian tradition, a former community organizer, and as a White person seeking to take responsibility for the ways racism harms Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), as well as the ways racism has both benefited and harmed her ancestors and herself. Learn more about Rebekah through her Values, Vision, and Accountability statement.