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The Brownicity Team offers eye-opening, anti-racism education through customized courses and events. We support learners of all ages by partnering with individuals, churches, schools and companies.

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“Dr. Lucretia Berry and Brownicity are exactly what we need in today’s business community. Her approach to education is smart and effective, I have consulted directly with Dr. Berry and highly recommend her to any of the companies I work with”.
Chris McKee
Managing Director,
McKee Group Capital
“I found the course on trauma & resilience very insightful & helpful. Honoring the difficult in facing racism, while remembering times I’ve overcome in the past, gave me a great framework to move forward”.
Anj Shutt
True Life Exchange
“My understanding has been changed & my actions & statements have been forever altered. I could take the Foundations course again & again & increase my understanding each time as I work to grow as an anti-racist teacher and member of this society”.
Vikki Hough
Middle School Language Arts

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We offer eye-opening antiracism education through courses & events.

What LIES Between Us.

This course and guide are for those stirred toward racial healing but don’t know where to begin. Historically, conversations about race/ism are treacherous waters to navigate and the ‘colorblind’ approach has robbed us of a framework, context, and language.
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