Brownicity is

We are family-focused and dedicated to advocacy, education, and support for racial healing and antiracism. Think of Brownicity in a similar way that you would think of green, sustainable living— but instead of addressing choices and systems that are detrimental to nature and the environment, we are overcoming beliefs and systems that are detrimental to our shared humanity.


Most people have opinions about race/ism but few really understand how it works.


For many, race conversations are taboo and so they lack the consciousness and confidence to engage in healthy discourse and anti-racist work.


Transformative anti-racism work begins in our hearts, homes and local communities, and is not reserved for legislation only.

Lucretia Berry

Lucretia Berry is an anti-racist consultant and educator, the author and facilitator for What LIES Between Us Journal & Guide, and loves to create offerings and content to help meet Brownicity’s goals. She received her Ph.D. in Education (Curriculum & Instruction) from Iowa State University. Nathan and Lucretia have three little girls who are the inspiration for their work through Brownicity.

Nathan Berry

Nathan Berry serves as a Regional Director of Sales at Passport, Inc. and is Brownicity’s biggest advocate. He is a communicator and helps facilitate Brownicity’s events. He received his bachelors from the Iowa State University School of Business and received his M. Div from Wake Forest University. Nathan is an ordained minister.

Education Advisors

Tehia Starker Glass

Ph.D. Associate Professor, UNC Charlotte College of Education

Muktha Jost

Ph.D. Vice Provost, Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, and SACSCOC Liaison North Carolina A&T State University

Gerardo Marti

Ph.D. Chair, Sociology, Davidson College

The Brown Table

The BrownTable consists of parents, educators, and friends who are very passionate about what we do and have chosen to join us at the table to contribute their time, experience and talent. They help gather and create resources and lesson plans, and facilitate classes and workshops.