FearAre you afraid to have conversations about race? Perhaps, you don’t know how? You don’t know what to say. Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing? Or perhaps you are afraid that talking about it makes you racist, somehow. Unfortunately, our FEAR of addressing race/ism is a hinderance to healing.

We host conversations that build your capacity to engage in courageous conversations and work that foster healing and change from the massive destruction of  race ideology and its legacy, racism. The ‘colorblind’ approach–not seeing or talking about race or the worth ascribed to skin color–has left us void of language and power to confront the darkness of racism. As we remain ‘blind,’ it has continued to divide and conquer us.

This is how Brownicity can help. We create and foster safe space sessions for learning and healing. We facilitate necessary fundamental steps for destroying racial division and tension. Our teaching format works well for

  • church, community and small groups
  • parent/teacher organizations
  • conference break-out sessions
  • retreats
  • corporate professional education

We TEACH, we LEAD, we GUIDE.  We INSPIREEQUIP and EMPOWER you to do the same!

Join us during one of our sessions or schedule us to facilitate a session for you.