• Lee & Low Books is a multicultural children’s book publisher whose books emphasize the richness of today’s culture.
  • Usborne Books. This List was compiled by Shayla Epps, Consultant.




  • Trevor NoahLive at the Apollo–London. Born in South Africa to a black South African mother and a white European father, Noah’s personal perspectives and cultural analysis as expressed through his comedic voice will leave you laughing at the absurdities of race. 



  • In NC, Dismantling Racism Workshops are available through:

Race Matters for Juvenile Justice (RMJJ) is collaborative leadership group formed by the Juvenile Judges of North Carolina’s 26th Judicial District that brings together judicial officers, systems’ experts, service providers and community partners who have set an agenda to reduce the disproportionate representation of and disparate outcomes for children and families of color in the juvenile justice system. Their mission is to build a collaboration of community stakeholders who will bring their constituencies to the table and partner in the Court’s effort to reduce disproportionality and disparities.

The Racial Equity Institute (REI) is an alliance of trainers and community/institutional organizers who have devoted themselves to the work of understanding disparities and disproportionality in order to create racially equitable organizations and systems. In contemporary society, the impact of race shapes the outcomes of all institutions. The trainers and organizers of the Institute help individuals and organizations develop tools to challenge patterns of power and grow equity.

  • Top-10--292x300Be the Bridge to “Racial Unity” Guide  “Be the Bridge” to Racial Unity is a community of people with common goals to see healthy dialogue around the topic of race, influence racial reconciliation within our communities and become bridges-builders of awareness. The guide is designed to help foster relational unity, through conversations that would lead to healing through racial reconciliation.


  • I’m Not Racist!…Am I? is a feature documentary about how this next generation is going to confront racism. The film’s unique focus on kids and family immediately grabbed our attention. The film is part of a larger initiative – Deconstructing Race – developed by TheCalhoun School to create a multimedia platform to get young people, their teachers and their families talking – and doing something – about structural systemic racism.
  • Skin: The MovieSKIN is one of the most moving stories to emerge from apartheid South Africa. Sandra Laing is a ‘black’ child born in the 1950s to white Afrikaners, unaware of their black ancestry. Her parents are rural shopkeepers serving the local black community, who lovingly bring her up as their ‘white’ little girl. But at the age of ten, Sandra is driven out of white society. The film follows Sandra’s thirty-year journey from rejection to acceptance, betrayal to reconciliation, as she struggles to define her place in a changing world – and triumphs against all odds.