‘What LIES Between Us: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing’ Series

Why? Because we need to know what has happened and how it has affected all of us before we can move towards recovery. Bring your brokenness, your pain, your questions, your desire to heal, your willingness to learn…bring your whole self to this experience and leave inspired, encouraged and empowered.

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You desire healing and change, but where do you start? How about with this 5 week group study that meets each THURSDAY in MARCH! This series is designed to get you started on the path to being the change you want to see in the world. You will gain historical and social context for racial division, support for self-reflection, healing and growth, and have the opportunity to develop community with others who want to be a part of the dialogue and solution.

Brownicity is family-focused and dedicated to advocacy, education, and support for racial healing and antiracism. If you are new to engaging in race discourse but want to do it in a way that is helpful and hopeful, this series is perfect for you! You will feel inspired, equipped and empowered!

Registration includes:

  • ‘Sweet Talk’ open reception (6:45p-7p weekly)
  • What LIES Between Us Journal & Guide: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing by Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry
  • media screenings
  • resources
  • materials
  • skillfully guided group discussions by the Brownicity Team
  • artist lead engagement
  • community safe space
  • Brownicity-themed activities for kids (preschool and elementary)

Space is limited in order to foster community. So register early!

Need childcare? 25 spaces are available for preschool and elementary aged children. So when you register, add the FREE tickets for your children.

The Global Mom Show Podcast: Talking to Your Kids About Race with Lucretia Berry

For our family, it seems ridiculous to pretend that we don’t see differences in our skin tone. In fact, we celebrate the diversity of our beautiful hues that make up the tapestry of our and the ‘hue-man’ family. Also, it seems odd that we would not talk about race with our young children, considering that we live in a society obsessed with ‘racial’ distinctions–even to the extent of pretending not to see them. Our conscientious approach to raising informed, instead of ‘colorblind,’ children evolved into Brownicity: The Art and Beauty of Living and Loving Beyond Race.

On The Global Mom Show, I had the opportunity to share more on the heart and story behind Brownicity and the creation of the series and book, What LIES Between Us Journal & Guide: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing. To get updates about when this series and others are offered, subscribe to our mailing list (website of fb page).

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